Nexus offers quick access to the tools you frequently use
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Nexus is a dock that helps you get access to various applications in a almost no time. It comes with some preset instruments, such as CPU Meter, RAM Meter, and Weather, but it also lets you add similar tools that you consider necessary in your activity.

One of the program’s main strengths is its interface. It is modern and well-structured, allowing you to modify the dock’s theme together with other special effects. Thus, when you hover the mouse over the icons, you can make them bounce, swing, zoom, glow, spin, rock etc. In addition, you may set launch apps effects, change icon reflection, make docks look like water surfaces, and more. The tool enables you to add some sound schemes or voices when you access specific options.

The dock gives you the ability to modify its position on the screen; so you can find it easily even if you have a cluttered desktop. What's more, you can set the dock to auto-hide; this way, it will appear only when you need one of its tools. You are allowed to add various instruments and set internal commands. I especially like the last feature because it lets you add all kinds of shortcuts such as Capture Desktop, Power Off Monitor, Eject CD-ROM, Connect to the Internet, and many others. Another useful function is the one that displays the system tray icons or the running applications on the dock.

To sum up, this is a nice application that offers quick access to the tools you frequently use. The developers managed to create an efficient dock that doesn’t require advanced knowledge to be managed. I like that it has an attractive and organized interface.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Easy to use
  • Lots of available themes and effects
  • Allows you to add internal commands


  • Can’t organize the items into categories
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