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Access commonly used programs and files from a desktop docking tool
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Nexus is a program designed to help you boost up your productivity while working on your computer. This application places a dock on your desktop that gives you immediate access to various Windows widgets (clock, weather, etc.), running tools, frequently used directories or utilities, and many others.

The app gives you the liberty to customize the appearance of the dock anyway you like. Basically, this app is the advanced version of the dock you have on a Mac machine. You can add as many elements as you like to your dock, remove the ones you don't use, change their order, etc.

All you need to do in order to add a new item to your dock is to right-click over the app's window, select the "Insert New Dock Item" option, and choose the item you wish to append. You can insert a folder or app icon, URL, and many other types of items which give you immediate access to the information you need.

This program also features some hidden Windows features, such as the ability to hide desktop items. Simply click over the Nexus item from the dock and you will find a wide range of other useful features.

The developer also released an Ultimate version of this app, which, unlike the Standard variant, comes with a price tag. This special version provides you with more features, like the ability to handle multiple docks, add an unlimited number of clock alarms and reminders, etc. Either way, both app variants are efficient and easy-to-use. It's up to you to decide which one fits your needs.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Allows you to add multiple items to the dock
  • Comes with easy to configure settings for every dock item
  • Helps you hide desktop items, reveal running apps on the dock, etc
  • Brings you various dock themes, animations, etc


  • The Ultimate version provides you with more features
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